We all need healthy, nourishing food and we all deserve it. Organic, sustainably-raised food is generally more expensive, and I abhor the fact that ones socioeconomic status determines the quality of food available.

I am disturbed by the widening chasm of income inequality. I consider this a heartbreaking crisis and I feel powerless in many ways. But I am in a position to donate the finest, healthiest, most delicious beef to food banks, and I do this with a rebel’s spirit.

Cooperation is a revolutionary act, I believe this with my soul. Please, join us!

How this works:
Donations are collected and pooled to buy humanely-raised, organically-raised, grass-finished beef from Star Brand Beef at wholesale (more beef for your buck). That beef is donated to The Food Bank of The Rockies in YOUR names. I will provide The Food Bank of The Rockies with a spreadsheet of donations received (which will include your names and addresses) and The Food Bank of The Rockies will then send YOU your own, personalized 501(c)3 charitable donation paperwork in the amount of your donation for the current tax year.

With this donation, you:
• help individuals and families receive nourishing, healthy food
• know your donation dollars go exclusively to food raised with organic, sustainable practices
• support my work in ethical agriculture and the humane treatment of animals
• get a tax write-off for your kindness and generosity!

I donate beef every year, personally, but together, we can donate even more to those in need, and keep even more animals from entering CAFOs. Thank you for joining me in this venture!

Supporting food banks was extremely important to my grandmother, the late, great Svensto. I am honored to continue her legacy.


Privacy policy: Your name and contact information will be shared with (and only with) The Food Bank of The Rockies so that they may send you your charitable donation paperwork for the current tax year.

Questions? Ashley is my coordinator at The Food Bank of the Rockies. You may also email me with questions – if I can’t answer them I shall forward them on to her.